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Decade: 1940s

1940s Picture
The 1940's were dominated by World War II. European artists and intellectuals fled Hitler and the Holocaust, bringing new ideas created in disillusionment. War production pulled us out of the Great Depression. Women were needed to replace men who had gone off to war, and so the first great exodus of women from the home to the workplace began. Rationing affected the food we ate, the clothes we wore, the toys with which children played. After the war, the men returned. The GI Bill allowed more men than ever before to get a college education. Women had to give up their jobs to the returning men, but they had tasted independence.

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Crosley Tabletop Jukebox Radio & CD CR1101A-CH
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Crosley Tabletop Jukebox Radio & CD CR1101A-CH
This reproduction of the classic 1947 jukebox features a compact disc player, AM/FM radio and portable audio input for connecting smartphones or other ex-ternal audio devices.
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